ZANEC Digital
ZANEC Digital

Digital Marketing - taking you closer to your target audience

Digital marketeers are a dime a dozen. What sets us apart is that every activity is preceded by a Digital Strategy that gives you an overview of the path that we will be taking to achieve your goals.

We understand that the reason you have allocated part of your marketing budget on Digital is to grow your client base online and increase the bottom line. Our team of experts will work in tandem with you to formulate a plan, cemented in experience, to accomplish the marketing goals as laid out by you. Your goals will make the objectives of our digital strategy.

Our Services:

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization - Gets you better rankings in search engine result pages
  • PPC - Provides a well-researched, well-timed and well-targeted PPC campaign that gives clients greater control over their results, improving business enquiries and conversions.
  • SMO Social Media Optimisation - We help you build your social profile, establish a sound social footprint and create campaigns that will help you to interact with your customers and spread more buzz about your business.
  • ORM Online Reputation Management - We plan your ORM strategy as an optimum combination of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation.