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ZANEC Digital

Social Presence – make yourself visible

You have a great business, your marketing plan seems impeccable, and you have a great team. Yet, your business is missing that exposure. That is because you have probably not incorporated social as part of your marketing strategy. And even if you have a social presence, why is that nobody is liking or following you? That is because you do not have the correct techniques to increase your social media reach. But, don't worry. You have reached the right place.

Our expertise and capabilities:

At ZANEC Digital, we help you create and increase your social media presence by doing the following.

  • Create a very SEO friendly website that ensure that you site is reachable
  • Helping you post the right content at the right place
  • Ensure you add your social sharing buttons at all the right spots
  • Increasing the post frequency
  • Track leads with help of tracking codes and analytics
  • Build your company's page on all the primary social networks
  • Have plugins and modules that help easy integration of the social media sites into your site.
  • Create online storefronts
  • Help you create the right content and not oversell