ZANEC Digital
ZANEC Digital

Web Design – where creativity meets technology

There is no dearth of websites online but only few are remembered by the millions. It's just the experience and the usability makes it so appealing to leave an everlasting effect on them. Our user experience definitely creates a perpetual impact on the millions in the web. That is exactly what we create for you at ZANEC Digital!

Our expertise and capabilities:

We have a unique blend where creativity meets technology at its highest peak which enables us to create wonderful, design rich, yet user friendly websites.

  • Strong, experienced, design and development teams who understand different domains and technologies and know what customers need
  • Skilled team of designers and developers who understand today’s world is all mobile and every website needs to be fully responsive
  • Clear understanding of the mobile app world and how smooth designs influences its end users
  • Quick turnaround time when it comes to designing landing pages to boost your business
  • Designers who understand branding and theming is important and help you unify all your presences into one
  • Strong capabilities on Photoshop/Illustrator/HTML5/CSS3

Graphic Design – Your unforgettable brand starts here

One of the hardest aspects of a business today is standing out from the crowd. Competition is fierce and it seems as though competitors are not just from down the street, but from all over the world. Hence, it is important to create that amazing visuals that lets you brand stick to everyone’s minds.

Our expertise and capabilities:

Colours, logos, visuals are what first captures people’s eyes when it comes to recognizing a brand. We have a team of amazing creative people who can bring life to your brands.

  • Creative individuals who understand what users need
  • Strong experience in photoshop and illustrator
  • Designers who are more than just designers, but are domain experts
  • Expertise in graphic design, logo design, print design
  • Proven track record in creating banners, brochures and other advertisement designs
  • Strong capabilities in creating EDMs (Electronic Direct Mails)