Build a power-packed, dynamic website

Every business today has a website. It is be as simple as an HTML site with static content or as complex as having power packed features. There are zillion competitors out there. How will you differentiate yourself?

ZANEC will help you create a powerful, dynamic website that can scale as your business scales. And to top it up, once we build your website, you can have complete control on how you manage your website, the look and feel, how the menus and pages are structured and so on and so forth. Add and use as many additional features that we can develop as standalone plugins for you. The power is yours!

Our expertise and capabilities:

From the basic yet powerful LAMP stack to advanced Javascript technologies, we are equipped to implement a power packed website to suit all of your domain needs.

  • Strong, experienced, development and QA team with projects deployed on LAMP stack frameworks like Zend, Symfony, CodeIgnitor etc
  • Strong capabilities on CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla to help you manage a your content rich website yourself in a simple, yet effective way
  • Developers with capabilities in custom module development, skinning as well as core module customization
  • Strong migration and conversion capabilities
  • Development and Design teams who can work on Advanced JS implementations snd create amazing visual effects on screen using Angular JS, Node JS etc
  • Expertise on Ruby On Rails